Boost Your Business’ Bottom Line with Better Marketing is launching to assist independent businesses & drive their success
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, March 27, 2017’s core mission is to drive the success of its clients by serving as a chief marketing officer for business who otherwise wouldn’t have one.

The company is media entrepreneur Marc Frey’s newest brain child and born out of years of observing independently owned businesses competing in todays market place. “Many business owners are overwhelmed with the amount of choices and the understanding of how effective marketing can improve their profits,” Frey observed. “Instead of being a vendor irma becomes a part of your team.”

Irma combines an internal team of five people covering the entire range of the marketing matrix such as content, graphics, technology, digital and media planning together with the leverage of a network of specialists to ensure that no challenge is too small or too large to handle.

The team is also responsible for the Shop More effort in the Lowcountry following Hurricane Matthew in October 2016. The effort was designed to support local businesses. In just four months, the Shop More Local effort engaged more than 250 businesses and provided an estimated 5 million impressions (made up of four billboards, more than 700 radio spots, dozens of TV commercials, and 48 print ads).

What makes unique is that it acts as the internal marketing department of a business allowing it to use a holistic approach from branding to execution and the ability to do it all at a fraction of the cost while allowing business owners to focus on their core strength.

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Emily McLeod Sulkes
Director of Operations