IRMA’s Capabilities


  • Marketing Planning
    Meet with your team to understand and analyze your current marketing plan and spending. We compare this against our best practice guidelines, making recommendations where needed.
  • Business Development
    Find and discuss different growth opportunities based on your business goals. Once completed, we create an implementation plan to help meet your goals.
  • Branding/Trademark
    Creation of business name, logo, color, design, character, USP, trademark and taglines.


  • Business Profile and Stories
    Dive deeper into understanding and grasping your business goals by creating a unique company profile, description and story to tell your customers.
  • Photography and Video
    Produce beautiful photography and videos that you need for your marketing goals.
  • Content Marketing and Public Relations
    Creation of content, such as blogs, magazine articles and press releases to drive action from your customer base. We also manage any public relations needs you might have.
  • Custom Publishing
    Write and produce custom brochures, magazines, guides, etc.


  • Competitive Analysis
    Research and develop an analysis of your competitors. We focus on the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) of your business.
  • Surveys
    Develop and distribute surveys to potential customers and clients to gain insider information on positives and negatives of your business.


  • Web and Mobile Apps
    Build your website through management of your URL, e-commerce, API, hosting, content updating and mobile apps.
  • Email
    Creation of your business email and database. We can also distribute emails, newsletters, targeted campaigns, etc.
  • Social Media
    Create and manage appropriate social media profiles for your business.
  • Reputation Management
    Analysis of current company reputation and rankings. We also assist with monitoring positive and negative reviews, help answer questions and respond to reviews, and place positive reviews where necessary.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    Optimize your website through SEO best practices to increase visibility of your business on websites like Google, Bing and Yahoo. We also use SEM to target particular searches on these websites.
  • Directory Inclusion
    Include and update your company in relevant directories and maps, such as TripAdvisor and Yelp.
  • Print Collateral
    Design, produce and print your marketing collateral like brochures and business cards.


  • Creative
    Generate inspiring advertising campaigns that stand out.
  • Media Planning
    Objective and carefully researched and negotiated media plans help you to reach your target audience.
  • Media Placement
    We take care of meeting deadlines and providing the appropriate formats for your campaigns to all media channels: radio, TV, print, online advertising, programmatic and targeted display advertising, search engine marketing (SEM), social media, billboards, direct mail and sponsorships.

IRMA does it all.

We design websites, from a simple page that allows users to buy tickets online or a complex site that encompasses 150 different cities and five different languages. We also can pull in live listings and links for hundreds of real estate listings via an API.

We always pay careful attention to storytelling and include search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to improve your website visibility. We complement this with search engine marketing (SEM), social media campaigns and targeted display advertising if there is a need.

We are great at creating or refreshing brands, logos, taglines and trademarking. Telling your story is our passion, and we make sure it gets posted online and in print. Distribution techniques might include content marketing, business profiles, custom publishing and public relations.

We will guarantee that your business will be found in every online directory and map, and we fiercely guard your reputation by monitoring user reviews and actively post new ones that are suited to your company.

We stay in touch with your clients by capturing their emails or phone numbers, then we send out targeted texts and newsletters. We also can promote different events, special campaigns or sales and discounts. We maintain your customer database and protect it from fraud.

We love to create your videos, radio spots, and advertising campaigns. We will negotiate on your behalf the best rates in all media channels: newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, direct mail, Facebook, Google, etc. We specialize in creating effective media plans and handling all aspects from creative and placement to monitoring your results.

Our consulting practice includes analyzing your present marketing practices and comparing them with our best practice guides, based on our experience of what works for comparable clients in similar industries. We are well-versed in creating visionary, long-term expansion plans and creating business development ideas. We can conduct a simple survey all the way to a competitive comparison.

Of course, you’re asking yourself if you can afford all this. We’re asking you: How can you not?

We are a local small business; we can relate to you like no other company or agency can. We truly value marketing and realize how your investment can yield a positive return. Since our reputation is at stake with every project, we are part of your business. And in this way, IRMA becomes your marketing director, with the capabilities of a full-service advertising agency at a price you can afford.

Just think about the time and energy you will be saving allowing yourself to focus on improving and expanding your business versus focusing on marketing. Take confidence in the fact that IRMA will become a partner you can trust because we are at all times true, honest and transparent.

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